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About MKVEdit

AVT MKVEdit Lite is an easy but powerful tool to remove unneeded tracks from your Matroska files.

If your Matroska files contain additional audio or subtitle tracks for different languages you never use this tool can help you to reduce the file size.
MKVEdit Lite can also be helpful, if your favourite video converter can't handle files with multiple audio tracks correctly. In that case you could you MKVEdit Lite to prepare your files for the conversion.

Additional you can use this app to remove the "Header Removal Compression". A lot of hard disc based media players have problems playing Matroska files with this feature turned on. MKVEdit will always save the files without "Header Removal Compression".

A full version is planned.

System Requirements


MacOSX 10.6 or above
QuickTime 7 (included in OSX)


no Windows version at the moment


MKVEdit Lite is currently only available on the Mac App Store.